Thursday, 30 December 2010

My Hair Journey.

Hello my Lovelies
Since the year is coming to an end I thought I'd share the journey of my hair.
Beginning the year I had my natural mid-tone auburn hair.
Around April I dyed it a soft plum.
In June an unnoticeable red.
August I went True Red.

Around November I decide I want to go blonde. Followed by the neon orange disaster and a few toners, it looked semi normal.

Then I think Green would be a good idea. Thank God I got that out of my system and no one got any pictures. It could have been nice with the right maintenance but my boss said no.

Another box dye later we are here. This is where I should have stopped. But I saw the roots and the green was starting to show through.
So I break this shit out.
And end up with this, BOO!
Here comes the saviour
Now I am here.
I am not touching anouther bottle of dye until my roots have grown out to my ears.
Do you think I can hold out that long?
Love and Bugs

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