Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Shopping and Other Stories

Hello my Lovelies.
Sorry for my brief hiatus. I was a tad busy.
Firstly, one of my cats (Dr Pepper) has been ill of late. It was just before New Year he started throwing up. Then he threw up a ball of mangled plastic, which turned out to be tinsel from the Christmas tree. We thought he'd be fine after that, but he kept being randomly sick. Anything he ate he couldn't keep down, then he just wouldn't eat or drink. We watched him for a day and tried to persuade him to eat and drink but DP was having none of it. The worrying thing was that he was visible getting thinner.
We took him the vet this morning, they told us he was on the cusp of dehydration, but his sickness wasn't viral or due to any underlying problems. He had also lost 2kg. DP was given a shot of medicine to settle his stomach, and we were given tablets to give him to night and in the morning. He's perking up slowly, but he still has to go back to the vet tomorrow for a check up.
Other than that I have been enjoying my holidays. I went shopping on Monday and was held hostage by the girl at the Benefit counter ( I say that like it's a bad thing), it was fun. She introduced me to bunch of products I would have never considered before and taught me a few tricks. I ended up only buying Posetint and some Boi-ing consealer, but I have a list of things I want to get next time. I'm in love with the Pore-fessional, it let my skin looking amazing.
I ordered a bunch of things from Mac's new collections and from ACW. I'm trying to get shopping out of my system before I start my new project.
More of that in another post.
Love and Bugs

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