Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Video Set Up Hell

Hello my Lovelies.
Today I tried to pre-film some videos for my new channel and it didn't go very well.
Before Christmas my brother, Brian, had moved out. He'd broken up with his long term girlfriend. She moved back to Leicester and he had gone for a job in Huntly. He started seeing someone out there and moved in with her.
We thought since he was gone we could put all the junk from the living room in his room so we could put up the decorations. Next thing I know he's broken up with this new girl and is back home by Boxing Day. Now he's living in the living room until his room is back to normal.
Enough of Brian's 'Jeremy Kyle' Special.
So with Brian in the Living room and Nick in my room, the only available place to film is the bathroom. I used to film in there before, but the new bath has a thinner edge so I can't fit my camera on there anymore. The only other place I can put the camera is on a ledge above the sink. It's a perfect set up for talking videos, but it's too far away for tutorials. Even if I use the zoom it doesn't help, as it makes the picture pixelate and it cuts my head out of frame and that's no use. I've tried otther ways of placing the camera, but they're either too far away, too low or too akward an angle.
I know it sounds lame, but it's really frustrating. I was given a week and a half holidays, I had nothing planned so I figured I could bulk film all the videos I've been meaning to do but had no time to.
Hopefully Nick will be going away with his friend Lee for a while and I'll be able to get work done.
Fingers crossed.
Sorry for the rant lol.
Love and Bugs

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