Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Oh! It's On!

Good Morning My Lovelies!

Today is the second day of my Boho Diet. I woke up yesterday at 128lbs and I figure since Spring is already here (and summer won't be far behind it) I can't put it off any longer.

I'm so determind this time, that I actually went and bought proper sports wear with build in support and the breathable mesh. I bought them in the size I was before putting on the weight, so when I wear it I can see all the fat roll. I didn't mean that to happen, but it a good motivation.

I'm aiming to lose 10lbs and then see where I'm at. I set this target because even when I was 10lbs lighter I had designs to lose 10lbs.

I need to go get ready for work now.

'Til later!


Saturday, 26 March 2011

March Haul and Give Away!

I reached 5000 page views!

As promised, I'm hosting a give away to celebrate reaching 5000 page views. Entering the give away is simple. You must be a follower and leave a comment below to let me know you would like to be entered.

The gift will include Models Own Nail Polish in Golden Peach

Barry M Dazzle Dust in 39 Tan

Barry M lipstick in 147


Sleek Limited Edition Palette in Paraguaya

There is a second set for my YT subscribers, and the rules are the same. You must be a subscriber and simply comment below the video where the give away is mentioned to let me know you'd like to be entered.

This giveaway is open internationally. I will pick the winners using random.org on Sunday April 3rd.

If you have any questions let me know!

Good luck!

Love and Bugs


Monday, 21 March 2011


Hello my Lovelies,
Sorry for being MIA. I've been distracted with trying to get my etsy store stocked. I'm so excited! I can't wait for the supplies to get here so I can start taking the thoughts in my head and making them reality.
I'm also in the middle of weird shift patterns, which will be back to normal by the end of this week. After I've work 10 days straight, that is. So I'm really loking forward to the coming weekend. I have a huge Amazon order to pile drive through, I have magazine reading to catch up on and I have a stack of filming and posts to make. Will 48hrs be long enough?
I'm loving this mini heat wave that we've got going on in Aberdeen. It was 17C today. I've already broke out all my summer dresses and discovered some of them don't fit, so i've finaly kicked my butt on that diet I was talking about. Now I have loads of yummy fruit filling my tummy.
So until Saturday!
Love and Bugs

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Polishes on Parade

As promised, I got round to doing the polish swatches.
Here they all are, sitting pretty.
But what's that in the background?

It's Timmy, my little baby. Whenever there's a camera out, he's there posing. Don't let the pink collar fool you, he's a boy. He just likes to get under your feet in the dark.

The polishes I bought
Models Own - Grace Green

OPI - Sweetheart

Essie - Haute as Hello

Essie - Carousel Coral

Essie - Van D'Go

N07 - Spice
China Glaze - Pelican Gray

China Glaze - For Audrey

China Glaze - Ingrid
Chins Glaze - Below Deck
I also got Models Own - Purple Ash, but I have already reviewed it in an earlier post.
I'll ggive more info on each polish as I feature them.
Lave and Bugs

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Collective Haul

Love and Bugs


February Project Pan Update

The first month of my project pan is successfully over.
I finished
1 - Moisturiser
2 - Colorstay Foundation
3 - Big Shampoo
4 - Ultra Bland Face Cleasnser
5 - Batisste
6 - Eyeko Mascara
7 - NYC Mascara
8 - Eye Make Up Remover
I also used up most of my Lush stash and threw out a bunch of out of date products.
I think I earned my allowance, yay!
I'm kinda proud of myself, but it's a new month and we'll see how I get on. I think next time I'll keep the empties so I can take a picture.
How are you getting on with your projects.
Love and Bugs