Monday, 31 January 2011

Project Pan With A Twist

Anyone who knows me will remember that last year I failed Project Pan many times. I know you’ll probably be wondering why I found it so hard. I mean really, is it that difficult to not buy makeup?
Well, no, it’s not that difficult. I just had bad timing and I’m impatient. Whenever I did PP, a new product would be released that I would desperately want, and in every colour. This probably happened because I knew I wasn’t allowed to buy them and that made me want them more.
So this year I want to do Project Pan with a reward system. I had a look through all the cosmetics and beauty products that I own and I have to admit I own too much and have to do something about it.
The idea behind PP is to pick a certain products and aim to finish them, and you’re not allowed to buy any make up until these products are finished. In theory this is a great plan. However, in order to finish those product, you need to use them everyday and, depending on the amount of product that’s left, you can be stuck using the same products for a long time. The end result is boredom and shiny, new products are tempting.
The version of PP I’ve come up with is a target and reward system. Every month I will aim to use up between 5-10 products and when I reach the targets I get rewards.
The products I aim to use can be anything from moisturiser to nail polish remover, from shampoo to foundation, basically anything in the beauty product or cosmetics category. The reward is an allowance to spend on make up. If I use up 5 products, my reward is £50 and if I use up 10 products, my reward is £100. I don’t have to spend all the allowance or any at all, I can save it and add it to the next month if I want to.
I’m allowed to repurchase beauty products that I’ve used up if I need to, things like shampoo, body scrub,etc. Since make up is what I’m trying to restrict, I’m only allowed to buy cosmetics with the allowance.
Let me know what you guys think of this plan. I’m starting it in February and I’ll keep you guys updated.

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