Sunday, 30 January 2011


According to I have a 32.06% body fat. I followed the link to find out what this means. I am in the obese category for body fat. Might I mention I’m only 5’4”, I only weigh 124lbs and I wear a UK size 6-8. Obese am I?
As it turns out I’m carrying almost 40lbs of fat and I could easily sort out this issue with some exercise. Although I’m not saying I’m going to try and lose 40lbs, because weighing anything under 90lbs is just ridiculous not to mention probably impossible for me to achieve.
But with Boho season nearly upon us, I am going to have to slim down to get back into my tummy clinging dresses. I do have a plan but working around food is throwing me off a bit. I smell it and it smell so yummy, but then I get half way through eating what ever it is and realise it’s just tasteless, greasy crap.
So I plan on making salads for work, filling myself up with veg has always worked in past. Plus I love eating fruit and veg so it’s not too much of a bother. I also have an exercise regieme, which I do 3-5 times a week. It consists of 30 mins cardio on the stepper (which also tones my legs and bum) with 1kg weights for toning my arms. Then I do tummy work with different types of crunches. If I get bored I have the ‘30 day shred’ dvd and 2 of the ‘Pump it up’ dvds which are really fun and energetic.
Let’s talk goals. Taking into acount that I weigh 124lbs and I’m carrying approx 40lbs of fat, I’m aiming to lose between 10-20lbs. I’m not gonna be silly and say “I want to reach this goal by the end of February”, I’m hoping to reach this goal by the beginning of May.
I’m going to do a kind of online weigh in with you guys every Monday. I’ll post a picture of the reading on the scale and every second week I’ll post progress pics.
Do you guys have any plans to shed a few lbs for summer?
Are you doing it for bikini or boho?
Love and Bugs

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