Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sunday Coffee Morning: Nail polish Musings

Good Morning!
I hope your Sunday is as beautiful as mine :)

Now we're well into August, and Summer is fading, I start to think of Autumn.


Because in Aberdeen Autumn is the second longest season next to Winter. We don't really really have Summer here. Winter is from mid November to April. Spring is May and June. Then we get something that resembles Summer in July, and once August comes around Autumn is already trying to get its foot in the door.

Also because Autumn is my favourite season. I love the clothes, the scents, the make up and the nail polish. OMG the nail polish. So lush and glam.

I have been shamelessly lust after these collections since I first saw these swatches.
OPI - Touring America Collection

Color Club - Back to Boho Collection
China Glaze - Metro Colletcion

Photo Credits: The Polishaholic

I think the best way to ease into a new season is with on trend polish. It's cheaper and more subtle than a wardrobe over haul (although that is next on my list). I have already placed an order for the Metro collection and I'm waiting for my supplier to get the other two collections in stock. I know it seems like a lot of polish to buy, but I have justified it. This way I have al my bases covered for any A/W nail trend for the next five years, and maybe a few Summer trends too :)

In the meantime I think I need to organise my current collection to house the new comers!

Here is my stash... its full glory!

And whilst laying them out I discover a few of my faves that I thought "must be in there somewhere" are actually missing :( Poo!

Do have your eye on any of the A/W nail polish collections?

Love and Bugs


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  1. I love A/W season as well! Especially the fashion and nail polishes!