Tuesday, 24 May 2011

OPI And Other Musings

I really liked the Pirates of the Caribbean films, but that was when Keira Knightly was in them. Now I'm not so keen to see the new offering. But if there's nothing better to see at the cinema I will, preferably at showing where there will be as few little kids as possible. Even though I'm sure these films are designed for ages 10 and up, parents see 'Disney' and think their brats will stay in the seats for near on two hours. Not gonna happen, now I understand why my parents didn't take me to the pictures until I was 12.

Let's get back on track.

What I meant to lead on to was the OPI collection that coincides with the film. I would have posted a picture of the whole collection but I couldn't find one. I was pondering whether or not to skip this collection and had decided to. Damn Youtube... made me change my mind. After see these polishes pop up in numerous hauls I thought maybe I could use a little POTC on my nails. And I needed to order some lacquer thinner, two birds one stone. As I type this I'm already starting to regret killing that second bird. But they were just so pretty :)


This is Mermaid's Tear, which I'm really excited about. I don't think I own any colours like this, but at the same time I'm worried it'll be too similar to For Audrey by China Glaze to be justified. Although if you saw my collection you'd agree that no new additon are justifiable, especially since I'm trying to save. ¬_¬

Anyways it'll be at least two weeks before the parcel arrives. Maybe if I use up 20 products before then I can get away with it.

Speaking of using things up, I'm in need of a Project Pan.

I need to go wash for bed.

I should show an update on my skin care since I deleted my old posts.

Love and Bugs



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  2. I need a 10 pan project too, so please share if you go for it! :D