Monday, 23 May 2011

Where Better To Wait For It All To Blow Over

Today was possibly the most windy day of the year. It was so quiet at the cafe I got sent home early. And since I was expected ho early I took the opportunity to take shelter in Hobby Craft. If spent money whilst I was there it was only to be expected...I was in a store Geez! lol!

I bought threading wire to make wrap bracelets with. I made one last night with regular thread, but it didn't hold up, so hopefully threading wire will do the trick.

I also pick up some fabric paints and looked at the Batik supplies (which I'll pick up on my next visit).

Why the sudden craftiness? I hear you cry. I want certain piece for my wardrobe which either aren't available to me or simply don't exist. So I figure why not make it myself?

The wind was seriously crazy, I wish I had my camera to document the mess on my way home. Trees were brutalised folks! The earth swirled in the air. I know this because my face was speckled with it by the time I got home. Hooray for the shower, now I am clean again. But my street is still strewn with crap and topple over wheelie bins (which were full btw, just to emphasise the might of wind).

Hopefully tomorrow will be less windy, maybe even a bit warm or sunny.

No let's not get our hopes up.

Love and Bugs



  1. when will you carry on making videos? xx

  2. Hopefully soon. My computer has no space to process vieo and the cable to my external hard drive has frayed. I'm gonna try and get a new cable at the weekend.
    Anything you want to see?

  3. oh okay :)
    erm, im not sure. maybe a video showing how to make the bracelets?