Thursday, 7 July 2011

Update! (PAD Day1)

Hello out there!
It sure has been a while huh?

Random pic incase you forgot what I look like lol!
I have been meaning to post regularly and it just slips away. I get home, get into my pyjamas and watch youtube. I usually fall asleep after 2-3 videos. Sad but true.
So I've decided to challenge myself to PAD (post a day). Ambitious? Very! I think it'll be fun and you can get to know me tons better than from the odd videos and sparse blogging. I have a lot I want to talk about that i've made time to write down, plus I want to share the randomness of my day to day life.

For example. Kai (whom I work with) took out an order of two bacon rolls and when he got back to the counter Mike (our chef) told him those were two empty rolls and to go bring them back. In this sterile re-telling it's not so funny, but we were all in stitches laughing at him. Kai likes to laugh at others when the mess up because he rarely does, but when does it's a total *palm-face* Fail!

I'm getting excited for this little adventure.

I'll see you all tomorrow!
Love and Bugs



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  2. Yay, Im excited for this :)